New To Curling?

For the excitement and the lifestyle

Since curling really took off as a sport in the late 19th and early 20th Century, it has been a sport known as an exciting and sociable sport, both on and off the rink.

Games are played on 45-46 metre-long (146’-150’) ice sheets with players sliding (or ‘delivering’) 17-20kg granite curling stones (a.k.a rocks) twice each “end” for up to 10 ends in total. Curling matches last around 2 hours, with sweepers often covering two-and-a-half miles in a single competition-level game. It’s an energetic sport requiring in varying degrees: athleticism, stamina, balance and flexibility, as well as high levels of concentration, strategy and individual flair. Given the many different variables that come into play, it’s a sport that caters to sports people of all ages.

If you are just starting out and looking to buy some equipment, you’ll probably need the following kit:

Shoes or pull on sliders
Curling shoes are similar to ordinary athletic shoes except that they have dissimilar soles; the slider shoe is designed for the off foot (or sliding foot) and the non-sliding shoe for the foot that pushes off. Sweepers typically wear two slider shoes.

Choice of shoes or pull on Teflon slider.

Faster the shoe, the more control. Fewer inertia issues.

Speed of shoe depends on experience.

The thicker the Teflon® the quicker the slide and the less contact the quicker the slide.

Speed of the slider determines the price.

Key factors in design of slider, less Teflon® in contact with ice the quicker the slide.

The Flex Slider has a hinged front slider piece to decrease heel lift, improve comfort and maximise flexibility and grip while sweeping.
Shoes are also available with Grippers on both soles.

Tracksuit Trousers or Jogging Bottoms will work but bespoke trousers are better since they are made of stretch fabric to accommodate the curling delivery.

Usually made from genuine leather, gloves are available both lined and unlined. They not only keep the hands warm while playing but gives added grip to the brush shaft but does not compromise the flexibility, comfort and feel.

Curling Brushes
Brushes (Brooms) are used to sweep the ice in front of the stone. Sweeping, as it is known, helps the stone travel further, removes any debris from the ices and can help with the direction of the stone.

Recommended brush for a Novice is the value for money Olson 8” Broom Stick

Starter Pack
Check out our new starter pack consisting of 1 pair of shoes, 1 gripper, 1 pair of gloves, 1 curling brush and receive a free baseball cap. A total saving of £30. is brought to you by Corston Sinclair Ltd - Copyright Corston Sinclair Ltd © 2021
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